Thedark days of winter have finally passed, a new dayawakes with the sun,

The earth now gives way to the greening of grass, the squirrels areall on the run,

A robin is perched on a sweet budding branch, a cardinal sings beautiful tunes,

A newly tilled field lies awaiting a chance, to enjoy the sun’s long afternoons,

From dormant, dead soil, springs new life once again, sweet flowers explode in the rain,

The water from God benefits the terrain, and gives all that it needs to sustain,

The process of life,makes usblessed like the earth, with seasons of unending bliss,

The storybegins atthe time of our birth, there are days that we’d rather dismiss,

We cannot escape trouble, it’s part of the plan, to test and refine us each day,

To strengthen our growth in life’s tenuous span, to trust in our God as we…

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Published by Vincent S Artale Jr

Biblical studies, Health and Nutrition, Biology, Fitness, Hiking, Reading. Re-blogging doesn't equal agreement.

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