Can You Hear Me Now?

Intentional Faith

We live in a world where the roar of voices around us is so loud that often we find it hard to hear the voice of God. We come to God’s Word, and the clamor of the world, and the clatter of our own thoughts, and the confusion of what everyone else thinks, drowns out God. It’s easy to take whatever is the loudest sound we hear in our hearts, whatever feels right, and bless it by saying it’s from God.

So how do we change this? How do we ready ourselves to truly hear the voice of God? How can we prepare our hearts to receive what He has to say? In Exodus 19, at Mount Sinai, the Israelites prepare to hear from God. We see four modes of preparation for hearing God speak.

  1. Look back to the God who saved you. (Exodus 19:3-5)
    When Moses went up the…

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