Cruise time

Beautiful pics, echoing Chrissy’s comment, glad to see the flood waters receding.

Riverside Peace

With the floods receded and the weather beautiful, we decide to take a dolphin sighting cruise.

My dear friend, Lyn at The Call of the Pen is visiting for a few days.

To our surprise, we were the only ones on the dining room level of the boat until lunch. There were only a few small groups in other areas. At a quick count, probably only a dozen on board. No problem here with Social distancing.

As you can see, even zooming in we could barely see the white breasted sea hawk and we didn’t see any dolphins.

Some of the debris from the floods are still coming down river.

Many of these prestige homes were under water to at least first floor just a few weeks ago.

Going over the sand bar where the river meets the ocean.

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