Lines and Silver

Steve A. Wiggins

If you’re thinking about silver linings, here’s one to ponder: waiting in lines has, with certain exceptions, disappeared during the pandemic. Yes, some people waiting in line to be tested, others to be inoculated. Early on lines were long to buy toilet paper. By and large, however, waiting in lines has ceased for many of us. For me that’s a silver lining. Even from my youngest days I’ve found waiting in line problematic. Not that I think I’m more important than other people—not at all—my mind keeps itself pretty active and standing in line has been one of the more difficult times to keep it engaged. I generally keep a book with me. The lack of mass-market paperbacks in the categories I tend to read, however, makes having a book in your jacket pocket difficult.

People standing in line are often surly. It’s not always a great place to strike…

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