New Beginnings

Christian Mommas

Gratitude for New Connections 🙂

Springtime reminds me of new growth, the sound of robins and chickadees music to my ears. The call of a dove cooing to find her partner or maybe a new friend…

The flash of movement as a rabbit scurries across the front garden searching for food or a hiding place. Suddenly, I hear a loud shriek and the wrestling sound of our tabby cat, Nemo running through the dry yellow timothy grass to the safety of our yard.

Nemo’s eyes focused on the safe place just over the fence as he runs full speed. I glanced behind him as a blur of red fur scampers soundlessly across the back pasture.

Hmmm, I ponder, “was that a red fox and her kit; a mom training her baby to find food or fun?”

Nemo is just a bit too friendly. He can even be seen bumping heads…

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