Helpful Horror

Steve A. Wiggins

It’s pretty obvious when you meet one. A horror fan, that is. For one thing, they’re mostly decent people who often feel like outcasts for their tastes. They also tend to have a well-developed critical sense for films. While I’ve never actually met S. A. Bradley, I feel like I know him after reading Screaming with Pleasure: How Horror Makes You Happy and Healthy. This is a must-read for horror fans and it comes with enticing descriptions of movies you’ll want to see afterward. Bradley’s range is truly exceptional. Not only that, but his taste in films leads to an inherent trust that he won’t steer you wrong. The movies he recommends—the ones that I’ve seen—wholly bear him out. The man’s a connoisseur.

Perhaps it was because I, like Bradley, was raised in a very religious household, but his recognition that horror and religion are closely related really spoke…

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