Street Teaching

Outdoor Inquiries

Steve A. Wiggins

When I’m out on the street—not so often these days—I’m sometimes accosted with strange questions. This has happened to me quite a few times over the years. Recently, when I was taking the recycling out for my daughter on a weekend visit, I saw a couple guys in a car right by the receptacle. I was wearing a mask, due to, you know, Covid, so I wanted to keep social distance. The one in the driver’s seat asked if I was going to dump the recycling and when I said I was his partner said “I’ll take care of that for you.” They had a plastic bag full of cans and were loading glass bottles in their trunk. I thanked them for their help and turned to go. As I was walking away one of them called out.

“Hey! Are you a teacher?” I get asked that a lot. Only…

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