Amen Kathy, God is in control. Side note, I’ve never seen Braveheart. 😦

The cry for freedom has been shouted for centuries. I wonder if William Wallace, a Scottish knight who fought for Scotland’s Independence in the thirteenth century, ever had thoughts that he would someday be portrayed in an epic performance. His name became synonymous with freedom as his band of everyday men multiplied and took on the strongest army in the world at the time. Their zeal for freedom was at the forefront of their endeavor and at times it almost looked like he would win, but the odds were against him, along with a tainted ruling class who was beholding to the English government. In the end, this soldier for freedom, was tortured, drawn and quartered and his body parts were displayed across England as an example to the common man, never again to rock the imperial boat.

When Martin Luther King, Jr. spoke the words, “Let freedom ring,” our…

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