James 3:1-12 Tongue Truths

Appreciate your blog Stacey, Blessings.

Stacy J. Edwards

James 3:1-12

“Listen,” James said. “We all stumble and only a perfect man never sins with his tongue.”

I love that James prefaced this passage with the acknowledgment that taming the tongue is something that none of us can ever do on our own. And, yet, that truth is in no way an out for us to say what we please and slap a “no one is perfect” bandaid on the wounds that result from it.


  1. the tongue has great control over who we are and what we do (v 3-4)
  2. the biggest misuse of the tongue stems from pride (v 5)
  3. the tongue can cause great damage and devastation (v 5-6)
  4. evil speech comes from the enemy and make us his mouthpiece (v 6)
  5. we can’t tame our tongues apart from the intervention of the Holy Spirit (v 8 )
  6. on our own, our tongues are restless…

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