Vincent S Artale Jr. Reblogged Your Post

Thanks for this, it’s appreciated. Will attempt to improve my re-blogging efforts going forward. 🙂

Thinking Out Loud

A picture of the man of the hour, no doubt taken in a rare moment he didn’t have his finger on the “re-blog” button.

The title of today’s article is also the subject header for an email I receive frequently from WordPress, this blog’s host. While it’s usually an honor to have another blog want to share our material, Vincent is relentless.

To date — starting mid-August 2014 — he has re-posted the work of others on over 116,000 blog posts. To be fair, these are usually first paragraphs followed by a link, but since my Christianity 201 blog highlights the work of other writers, it creates a situation where normally a blogger would themselves, having appreciated the content, gone direct to the original source of the material.

Furthermore, some of the re-blogs make no sense, as they are more information items intended to reach regular readers. This makes me…

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