Herd Not Heard

Armed Sheeple

Steve A. Wiggins

When mass shootings become commonplace, you might think bipartisan efforts would be made to stem the violence. If so, you misunderstand how little the pro-life party actually values life. By pumping its adherents full of fear, they use the hand not waving a gun to pocket donations from the NRA. Human life is only valuable to get yourself elected. It’s difficult to remember days when I didn’t awake to hear of someone with more guns than restraint opening fire in a public place. Mental illness, it seems to me, is fairly widespread. It’s no deterrent, however, to purchasing military-grade weapons and using them when the stress levels get too high. Meanwhile lives of those—whether fellow gun owners or not—are lost. And Republicans argue that nothing should change. You’d think the insurrection might’ve changed their view.

How does one go to bed secure knowing the next day they may be reading…

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