James 3:13-18 Worldly or Godly Wisdom

The difference seems to be clear enough. However, we always need to be on guard!!

Stacy J. Edwards

James 3:13-18

How do we know if we are listening to the right people? If we are getting our “wisdom” from the right place?

There are two types of wisdom listed here: worldly wisdom and godly wisdom.

• bitter jealousy(v 14)
• selfish ambition (v 14)
• earthly (v 15)
• unspiritual (v 15)
• demonic (v 15)
• disorder (v 16)
• vile practices (v 16)

• good conduct (v 13)
• pure (v 17)
• peaceable (v 17)
• gentle (v 17)
• open to reason (v 17)
• full of mercy (v 17)
• good fruit (v 17)
• impartial (v 17)
• sincere (v 17)
• righteousness (v 18)
• peace (v 18)

Now, that’s a whole lot of words but this is what stood out to me.

⭐️ Worldly wisdom leads to disorder (v 16).

Is the person/people/media source that I’m…

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