What’s with the Cross References in My Bible?

This post speaks volumes!! Well articulated!! Blessings.

Intentional Faith

Few people enjoy reading the fine print. I lament that Bible cross references are overlooked. Packed into the margins in a miniscule font, they strike many modern readers as tedious. They’re not the flashiest tool, compared to Bible apps that reward consistent reading with streaks and milestones, or videos that unpack passages.

But cross references deserve more credit as allies in helping us treasure God’s Word. Here are a few reasons why.

Tributaries of Truth
Cross references are like tributaries, showing us how other verses in the Bible flow into and from the verse we’re reading. They pull us above the canopy into open skies, where we can look down with wonder at how themes, promises, and events develop in Scripture. They help us not miss the forest for the trees. Criss-crossing across the landscape of Scripture, these references remind us that God’s plans are never abandoned, nor his promises…

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