New Life!

So appreciate this post!! For those who have an ear… Blessings!

See, there's this thing called biology...

This is my weeping willow tree, the one a sweet man cut down for us because it had just consumed our entire house and blocked out all the light. I had grown tired of picking leaves out of my engine, fearing for people’s lives when the wind blew, and replacing roofing. It was wieldy, cumbersome, and no longer sparked joy.

Willow is just amazing, you can cut a chunk of it off, toss it on the ground, and it will grow right where it has fallen. There is an metaphor in there that pretty much describes what life and life abundant with the Lord is like.

Call on the Lord, He will meet you right where you’re at and help you begin to grow right where you have fallen.

Just a few weeks ago this trunk was looking quite bare, lifeless, the dead weight cut away, the heavy branches removed…

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