A Clump of Clay


Christian Mommas

Sometimes, mistakes can lead us to repentance, and in our humility we can see how much our Savior loves us. The painful feeling of sorrow sticks to guilt like a mishmash of superglue and confetti. An array of colors; darks, and lights seem to form, highlighting more dark than light. Or are we the neutral color of clay? Does anyone see the cracks in our clay-formed pottery exterior?

Does anyone see our impulsive choices? Did we sabotage a wonderful friendship with a quick response? Did we share someone’s personal story under the statement, “Can you pray for so and so who is in crisis? Here are the details.” Why couldn’t we stop at “Can you pray for her? God knows the details.” Oops, I am an imperfect human.

We are a clump of cold beige clay being molded; by the people around us, our own thoughts (whether truth or not)…

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