God’s Providence in Christ’s Burial

A word from John MacArthur… Blessings!!


Selected Scriptures

As we come to thinking about the Resurrection of our Lord this morning, this will make Resurrection Sunday number 52 for me here at Grace Church. And there’s no shortage of ways to approach the Resurrection of our Lord, so I’m thrilled for another opportunity.

What is often overlooked in the glories of the cross and Good Friday and the glories of the Resurrection on Sunday is what happened in between, and that is the burial of our Lord. You might think on the surface that the burial of our Lord was just a matter of necessity, just an incidental. But the fact of the matter is the burial of Jesus is as supernatural as everything else around His redemptive work on that weekend two thousand years ago. And the burial of Jesus is so significant that the four gospels speak of it in detail, in order to…

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