Time To Think

Pondering Solitude

Steve A. Wiggins

Although I’m not Roman Catholic, I often thought about joining a monastery as a teen and twenty-something. The idea of spending all my time devoted to contemplating the ultimate reality still has a strong appeal. I know quite a few rationalists who have no time for spirituality, but it seems to me that we all need it for facing death. Most people, I know, avoid the topic if at all possible. Contemplatives, on the other hand, spend quite a bit of time preparing for it. Since it’s inevitable that makes sense. I often wonder why people consider the most common thing in human experience with such trepidation. If it’s a source of anxiety, shouldn’t it be confronted? That’s not to say we need to look forward to it, but it does mean we shouldn’t run from it either.

Carlos Schwabe, Death of the Undertaker; Wikimedia Commons

The combination of Christianity…

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