About Praying For Abusers

Excellent post Cynthia!!

Cynthia Bailey-Rug

Mathew 5:44 says that we are to love our enemies & pray for those who persecute us. This really is a wonderful thing to do. It helps you to release your anger at those people who hurt & even abuse you, which of course is a wonderful thing. Anger is an awful burden to carry. Plus, those who behave so terribly obviously need prayer because something is wrong with them.

The problem is how some folks apply this verse. Victims of abuse are often told they need to pray for the person who hurt them. While that is true, telling someone that immediately after they have divulged their situation is probably the worst timing imaginable!

Someone who has suffered abuse really has a lot of issues to contend with. Shame is usually one of those issues, since abusers often blame their victims. Telling someone about it takes a lot of…

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