Two Mothers Who love


Christian Mommas

The connection of two mothers through adoption is multifaceted, amazing, and full of many emotions. I have experienced open adoption. For those who don’t know, open adoption can initially start as shared photos and letters through an intermediary and sometimes leads to shared identifying information and intertwined lives. It is not a legal contract; it is a heart connection. I have bathed each phone call and letter communication and in-person visit with prayer, asking the Lord to guide the communications. I have been blessed with the same mindset from our three children’s biological families.

It has been a new territory with feelings of joy, fear, peace, and challenging (as our children grieve loss and new beginnings) and, more importantly, love. Today, I reflect on a conversation I shared with each of our children as school-aged peers discuss their thoughts on adoption.

One daughter was 13 years old and returned from…

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