Five Cs to unlock the Psalms

Liam Thatcher

I’ve often found the Psalms hard work. They can feel quite abstract, repetitive, and given their cultural context kinda hard to relate to. I know that is not everyone’s experience. For many, they are a favourite part of Scripture; a fuel for worship, and an aid to express emotions in prayer. And of course, they can be that to me too! On a good day, they are beautiful, inspiring and I can just pray them back to God with joy. But not every day is a good day, and I often find that I have to work harder with them than I might expect.

Oh, plus, I’m hopeless at remembering chapter and verse at the best of times, so trying to recall which psalm is which has always been a struggle for me!

Over the past year I’ve been trying to appreciate them more. I’ve been helped by videos on…

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