Considering the Time

Steve A. Wiggins

Does anybody else find the name “Office 365” ominous? Perhaps I’ve been reading too much about Orwell, but the idea that work is waiting for you every single day of the year is worrisome. The way people unthinkingly buy into technology is a way of being used. Like Cassandra, however, I get the feeling I’m just talking to myself. 365 could simply mean it’s always available. For me, however, the PC is symbolic of corporate America. And corporate America wants everything thing you have, at least if it can be liquidated. That includes your time. Now that the weather’s improving I spend beautiful days sitting at a desk behind a screen. Before I know it that beautiful day’s gone for good and I’ve not stepped outside once. I’ve been 365ing.

An organization I know has a dysfunction. It keeps trying to plaster on technological bandages to solve its problems. Such…

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