The Appeal of Creedal Christianity: an interview with Gabriel Gordon

Questions That Matter

I recently sat down with Gabriel Gordon to talk about his journey from evangelicalism to creedal Christianity, as well as the progressive/fundamentalist divide. My questions are in bold.

As someone raised as a non-creedal Christian, can you unpack your journey to embracing more of a creedal tradition? What was the appeal for you?

I spent the first more or less 15 years of my existence within an Assembly of God (Pentecostal) faith and theological existence. From 15 on into college I found myself in the Southern Baptist Church. I am grateful for my early formation in both of these traditions. I have an awareness and love for the Holy Spirit and the prophetic that I don’t think I would otherwise have if it was not for my Assembly of God family. The Southern Baptists educated me and poured into in a way that made me who I am today. I…

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