Weekly Bible Study Notes: May 12, 2021

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John 12:1-11

The scene for this text is set at six days before Passover when Jesus and his group reach Bethany.  This is also right after he has raised Lazarus from the tomb and Lazarus, Mary and Martha are in attendance at this dinner, a Sabbath dinner at the home of Simon who is a good mutual friend, as we discover from the Synoptics.  We can infer the close relationship between Simon and Lazarus, Mary and Martha from the fact that Martha is one of those serving the dinner, and it is interesting to note that the word used to describe her service in verse 2 is the word from which we get the English words “deacon” and “minister” meaning “servant” and is also used to describe Martha in Luke 10:40.

Mary suddenly begins an unusual foot treatment for Jesus by applying a large amount of nard to his feet…

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