Keep Fighting the Good Fight!

By David Ettinger

As Christians we must share the “Good News” of Jesus Christ; the good news being that though we are born separated from God and destined for eternal judgment, God sent a Deliverer to die for our sins and give those who have accepted His lordship eternal life with Him.

This is the glorious message, and there is no other. We don’t fight against the culture; we fight within it. Our ammunition is the Gospel and our objective is to “preach Christ crucified” (1 Corinthians 1:23) with the hope that we “might by all means save some” (1 Corinthians 9:22).

As Christians, the world will call us “haters,” “bigots,” “intolerable,” and mock our “cave-man” mentality, and it will hurt. It will challenge our faith. The culture will shun, ridicule, and vilify us, but we must stand fast knowing “there is laid up for [us] a crown of righteousness”…

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