Bathsheba and David

I agree Dr. M… David’s motivation/intention is clear in the text. By law, should have been put to death.

Dr. Claude Mariottini - Professor of Old Testament

There is an interesting discussion on Twitter on the affair of David with Bathsheba. I became aware of the discussion when Julie Ann Smith @DefendTheSheep tweeted: “Wow . . . we are back to blaming Bathsheba again. And this time by a woman.”

I was curious at what Julie Ann was referring to, until I read the four tweets by Jennifer Buck @JenniferBuch65. In her tweets, Jennifer defends David and blames Bathsheba for the affair. She tweets, “All of Israel knew David was a man of God. Bathsheba could have easily appealed to David, ‘As a man of God, why would you do this evil thing before your God?’ She did not appeal to him in that manner. I firmly believe scripture would have recorded such a conversation.”

Jennifer rejects “wholeheartedly” that Bathsheba was raped. She provides two reasons to declare that Bathsheba was not raped. The first is that…

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