Endurance Is a Team Sport


Bible Study Nerd

Running, biking, swimming, skiing—the sports that require the most physical endurance are individual. Though they may include a team element, the actual competitions require one person to undergo a grueling test of their own personal stamina. When it’s race time, the athlete must find the grit within himself to persevere. He may be able to hear the cheers from the stands or the sidelines, but his teammates aren’t out there with him; he must find the resolve to press on by himself.

In the opening verses of Revelation, John introduces himself to his audience as their “partner in the affliction and kingdom and endurance that are in Jesus” (Rev. 1:9). Seeing a brother or sister in Christ as a partner in the kingdom is old hat. We’re familiar with the idea that those of us in Christ will one day reign with Him in His kingdom. Likewise, we understand that…

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