New article on defining ancient Israel

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I’m happy to report that a new article of mine has just appeared.  

In this article, which I believe is one of the more important articles I have written, I grapple with the theoretical and practical criteria for archaeologically defining ancient Israel. 

The full title is:

Maeir, A. M. 2021. On Defining Israel: Or, let’s do the kulturkreislehre again! Hebrew Bible and Ancient Israel 10(2): 106-48.

Here is the abstract:

Most study of the definition of early Israel, from an archaeological perspective, is based on outdated views on the relationship between material culture and group identity, ignoring recent social theory on the relationship between the archaeological finds and group identity. This has led to simplistic assumptions on defining and identifying the materials correlates – and the group identities – relevant for understanding the formation and development of early Israel. While critical of much of the research, and aware of the limitations of the…

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