See, there's this thing called biology...

One of the words that really drives me nuts is “unprecedented.” No, as far as I’m concerned given a well documented historical precedent, it is now the job of government and public health to first convince us why we should trust them. Distrust of public health systems has clear historical precedence.

Here are two videos that bring up some good points when it comes to the CDC. The first is an old 60 minutes episode talking about the Swine Flu fiasco.

The second video is just a brief rundown on the Tuskegee Medical Experiment. Both of these events happened in my lifetime. We were lied to, repeatedly. People died. People were permanently disabled. Something that really bugs me, both of these events should be well known to everyone. We aren’t talking about the “olden days,” we are talking about America in the 1970’s. So neither of these things are breaking…

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