The Mailbag: Potpourri (Confessing past sin… Too much Calvinism?… “Fake it til you make it”)

Michelle Lesley

Welcome to another “potpourri” edition ofThe Mailbag, where I give short(er) answers to several questions rather than a long answer to one question.

I like to take the opportunity in these potpourri editions to let new readers know about my comments/e-mail/messages policy. I’m not able to respond individually to most e-mails and messages, so here are somehelpful hintsfor getting your questions answered more quickly.Remember, the search bar (at the very bottom of each page) can be a helpful tool!

Or maybe I answered your question already? Check out my articleThe Mailbag: Top 10 FAQsto see if your question has been answered and to get some helpful resources.

I confessed and repented of a certain sin after I got saved, but my husband doesn’t know about it. Do I need to confess that sin to my husband in order to receive God’s blessings or…

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