Waiting Like a Watchman

Bible Study Nerd

The Andy Griffith Show received a lot of air-time in my house growing up. To this day, I can quote lines and remember episodes that I haven’t seen for twenty years. One episode involved an elderly security guard at the ironically named Mayberry Security Bank. Fans of the show will probably recall Asa, snoozing in his chair with a broken gun and shamefully slow reflexes. Deputy Barney Fife recognizes Asa’s many shortcomings as a watchman and takes steps to help Mayberry Security Bank live up to its name. As you can imagine, comedy ensues.

My apologies to anyone in the security profession because I’m afraid that old Asa has forever etched himself in my head as my mental picture of night watchmen. I do know, however, that this image is inaccurate. Security guards must possess trained senses of perception, quick reflexes, and a keen ability to stay awake and alert…

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