What does it mean to be forgiven?

Grace for my Heart

It’s Monday Grace!

I was pretty young when I started full-time ministry as the solo pastor in a church with well over 300 members. Just 23. I had a lot to learn about people. One thing I learned was that many of those who claimed to be believers had a serious fear of dying.

Oh, I understood the pain part. No one wants to go through pain and suffering. And I understood the sadness of bringing pain and upheaval to a family. We don’t want our families to suffer. But Christians should not be afraid of dying.

Finally, I began to realize that many people expected to be judged when they died. Somehow, they got the idea that their sins would be presented for everyone to see, and they would be shamed and condemned when the truth was revealed. Then, they worried that the Lord would not accept them.


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