Epistle of Ya’akov (James) ~ 2:14-26

My Heart is for Israel

Faith Without Works Is Dead

Opponents of Brit Hadashah faith claim that it offers “cheap grace” – salvation by merely affirming in one’s mind specific facts or ideas about Yeshua, or through merely feeling good in one’s heart toward God, without doing good deeds. This passage is the classic disproof of that allegation.

The present passage expands upon the ideas we studied in my last post into the general principle that genuine faith proves itself by being expressed in good works. Therefore, mental or emotional faith by itself (v. 17) or faith alone (v. 24), unaccompanied bythe right kinds of actions, is dead (vv. 17, 26), barren (v. 20), no better than the so-called “faith” demons have (v. 19) because they know the reality of the spirit world. But only by actionsis faith made complete (v. 22) and capable of giving God ground to declare

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