When would Jesus’ hour come?

Jesus Quotes and God Thoughts

See the source imageIs Jesus slow? No, not all. God has made certain promises to us. Some days we say, “OK God, when?”

God seems slow to us. But what is a billion years to God?

God is the epitome of patience. He is very patient with us. He wants us all to have the view of life that never ends. He wants us all to change our minds and meet His goals for us. God wants us to trust Him. That is the issue.

God is not slow. God is God. God is patient. God knows the right timing. Our job is to understand it is up to God and not up to us. God’s timing is perfect.

Jesus the Messiah’s life was lived under the shadow of the cross. He was concerned that people should understand his ministry and therefore he exercised great patience, being directed by the Father…

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