Book Review: Evangelical Theology, 2nd ed. (Michael Bird)


Michael Bird, Lecturer in Theology at Ridley College in Melbourne, Australia, came out with a massive systematic theology (ST) in 2013, and his revision came out last year. Bird’s hope is that “this updated volume is a continued defense and thoughtful explication of what it means to be an evangelical Christian” (xvi). I’ll write a bit about what’s new and look at some of what Bird writes concerning the Trinity.

Though some equate evangelicalism with fundamentalism and others see evangelicalism as being aligned with conservative American politics, Bird continues to use the dreaded term evangelicalism. He does this because he refers to “a historic and global phenomenon that seeks to achieve renewal in Christian churches by bringing the gospel and by making the promotion of the gospel the chief mission of the church” (xxv).

Since people come to Christ through the gospel, Bird’s purpose for this evangelical theology is…

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