Is a good life like a fruit bearing tree?

Jesus Quotes and God Thoughts

See the source image Tree of life

Why it is important: When we live the life, God has intended for us, it is like a tree that gives us delicious fruit. There is nothing like fresh fruit. We all love it. I was at the market yesterday and just had to get some figs and apricots.

God’s goal for us is to live a meaningful life. It is meaningless for a fruit tree not to bring forth fruit. A great tree supplies shade to the weary person. The shade attracts others to find comfort. Our sense of purpose will attract others to God. They will want the same meaningful life.

That contrasts with a life of cunning or perhaps even violence. I think this is not just physical. Anything opposite of doing what God wants us to is violence against God and it destroys our very souls.

Thank God for the Holy Spirit of…

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