In the Midnight Season

Hidden Treasure

In the path (way) of your judgments (justice, plan, standard, divine law),

O Lord, we wait (we are collected, bound together with you, remain, endure, expect, look) for you;

your name (revealed character) and remembrance (renown, memory, scent)

are the desire (longing, satisfaction) of our soul (heart, being, life, passion, hunger and thirst, breath).

My soul (my living being, life, self, person, desire, passion)

yearns (covets, greatly desires, craves, longs) for you in the night (in adversity, in the midnight season);

[Indeed! Yes! Yet!]

my spirit (my very breath of life) within me (in my inward parts, my center)

earnestly seeks (diligently, early in the morning, searches for) you.

Isaiah 26:8-9 (ESV)

In the dark path
in the midnight season
I am looking for you
seeking seeking
I breathe your lingering scent
where are you?
my soul my heart my very center
desires longs craves
in the night
in the…

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