Raising hands to our God on high, with head bowed in submission,
Tears flow fast as our eyes do cry, repentance and petition,
The words seem empty as we pray, but God will send His Spirit,
He knows exactly what we say, so God will surely hear it,
We lay our prayers at Jesus’ feet, we know that He’ll stand for us,
Our every need we pray He’ll meet, He never will ignore us,

When troubles linger in our mind, all things seem problematic,
For Satan always tries to find, the glitzy and dramatic,
To tempt and draw us far from God, we don’t see through his lies,
We follow down a road less trod, we decide to compromise,
God’s given freedom from our pain, it isn’t complicated,
He died for us and rose again, His love He demonstrated,

And when our final day…

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