What has God prepared for me to do beforehand? Is there a plan B?

Jesus Quotes and God Thoughts

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There is no plan B. There is no backup plan. Contingencies are out the door. God has a goal for me and my life. I need to lean into Jesus and hear the plan for today.

The enemy deceives me, leading me to believe if I do not do what my Father wants, then someone else will do it. That is not the truth.

Here is the truth.

  • God created me to join Him in the work He is doing.
  • This is the good work He has gotten ready for me to do.
  • This is the work I had better be doing.
  • He does not have anyone else in mind to do it. He does not have a plan B.
  • There is no backup plan. It is His plan for me.

God is ready. Am I?

For we are his workmanship, created in the Messiah [Christ] Jesus for good works…

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