Another Day

Run With It

An Original Work / October 8, 2021

Another day on this world called earth
Another day that has been started

What will you do?
Where will you go?
Will you be carded?

As freedoms slowly ebb away
Will you be different?
As mass confusion hits the scene
As we become the offering
Are you indifferent?

Do you know your master’s name?
Or are you playing unfair games?
He’s the answer!
Got a clue?
Will the truth be up to you?

Day to day we face the storms
Chaos! Chaos! Much alarm!
Here their idols on display
Making choices, much dismay!

The time is now! The day is here!
Will you to God your will adhere?

Something’s missing, but do you see it?
It’s in the air, but can you breathe it?

The will of man
Is on the stand
You think he’ll make it?

Not a chance! No happenstance!

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