No step of your thorny path


Dear Sir,

I rejoice to see your faith in the unchangeable love of our three-one God, and your humility under its bright display. But why, my dear Sir, should you say, “I am discouraged because of the difficulty of the way?” You know the Lord led Israel of old “by a right way” through the wilderness, in all their forward and backward traces—”to a city of habitation.” And thus He leads you through this world’s wilderness, by a right way, to your eternal rest—by that very way which infinite wisdom devised, which infinite goodness ordained to be the path in which you were to walk, as your direct way to eternal glory—as that which should be most for God’s praise and your salvation-bliss.

And when once you reach the land of promise, and have the advantage of that higher ground, you shall remember all the way by which the Lord…

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