What Does Genesis Teach About Marriage? (Part 2)

Questions That Matter

The first humans exchanged the glory of their existence (including especially their union with God) for a part of God’s creation, a tree and its promises. Idolatry is relentless in destroying the humanity within us and our core identity, which is precisely what happened in the garden within the first marriage. Our humanity becomes compromised when we exchange God and God’s glory for something lesser than him. In trying to be like God, we ironically become “less human” as “idolatry is radical self-harm.”[1] In the wake of idolatry, both societies and families crumble, mourning the loss of their true identity and calling. In order for Christian marriages to thrive, they must be intentional especially in remaining God-centered. While healthy marriages continue to welcome God’s Presence, wisdom, and guidance, the choices made by Adam and Eve plunged the world into darkness, “Their use of their free will…

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