Promoting Unity While Discussing Doctrinal Differences


A friend of mine who is an atheist said that when he looks at the differences within Christendom and the squabbling among denominations, he finds greater reason to conclude that Christianity is false.

Upon careful inspection, I thinkthat theologically conservative Christendom holds most doctrinal matters in common. This unity is powerfully illustrated historically in what are called theecumenical creeds of Christendom(Apostles’ Creed, Nicene Creed,andAthanasian Creed). And evenmanynoncreedal denominations still affirm most of what is found in the creeds doctrinally.

Of course, critically important areas of doctrinal differenceremainamong Christianity’s theological traditions. And these differences need to be stated and carefully considered. But is there a way to dialogue and even debateourdoctrinal differenceswithout giving non-Christians the impression that Christendom is hopelessly divided and therefore potentially false?

I made the following proposal on my Facebook page and invited responses. I received 164 likes and 71 comments. Most people who responded agreed with my proposal…

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