Third Printing…and Giveaway Winners!

Septuaginta: A Reader's Edition

When we first released the Reader’s Edition in 2018, we launched an errata page where readers could make suggestions about things to fix. With 3,300 pages and ~125,000 footnotes, we knew there were errors along the way. (At some point you simply have to press “print”).

Anyone who submitted a correction would be entered into a drawing for a corrected edition once it hit shelves. Shortly after launch, we quickly had to do a 2nd printing (which is good news) and were essentially limited to changes that the Hendrickson team, Will, and I caught. But now we’re are about to send the book off for a third printing, and we were able to work through the list of errata this time.

The good news, we think, is that in the intervening years only ~170 suggestions were submitted, and about 50 of those were redundant (i.e. submitted by someone else). The…

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