Book Review: The Feasts of Repentance (Michael Ovey)

I never get tired reading your reviews Spencer, thanks so much!!


Michael Ovey served as the principal of Oak Hill College, London, from 2007 until his death in 2017. This book began as a series of lectures for the Annual Moore College Lectures in Sydney, Australia in 2008. Mike reworked these lectures, and after his death, principal of Moore College Mark Thompson did the final minor edits so that Ovey’s lectures could become this book.

Michael Ovey surveys the scenes of feasts in Luke and Acts, looks at repentance through those characters who do repent and turn away from their sin and those who do not repent. Ovey shows how repentance connects to both systematic and pastoral theology. Evangelicalism today (and in all times) needs repentance. It is part of the evangelistic message and of the normal Christian life. Christians still sin after they put their faith in Jesus, and they need to repent, turn away from their sin, and turn…

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