It was the time of the European Renaissance.  King Henry VIII would distance himself from the Catholic church in order to divorce his first wife and marry his mistress.  The church was in the throes of corruption and was selling indulgences to bulk up their treasury.  Unsuspecting people paid the price to buy their way into heaven. New inventions were created, including the printing press.  Minds were being changed as well,

With change we almost always see an increase in fraudulence and deceit.  Philosophies, progress, pride,  knowledge and growth will likely lead to dishonesty, anger, hatred, false teaching and lies.  It’s like that today as we see corruption all around us.  When someone stirs the pot and tries to root out the evil, they face a lot of controversy.  Martin Luther was a man like that.

When he was old enough to attend college, his father insisted that he study…

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