Bleeding Out

See, there's this thing called biology...

Okay y’all, I’ve had a lovely break and would be quite content to remain isolated in relative obscurity until all the madness of the world just up and blows away, but I feel compelled to speak out, or perhaps as the Lord has been telling me, to bleed out. As the slogan goes, “God didn’t save you so you could remain silent.”

I am such a survivor, such an alley cat, like spam and ammo all the way and a properly stocked secret underground bunker, and you can just send me a text when all the insanity has passed. Or not! I’m quite content to just remain in my bubble forever, BUT that’s not where God wants me, which brings me to the whole concept of bleeding out. That is what Jesus Christ did for us all. He opened His arms up wide and He just bled out.

It’s not…

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