The Book of the Prophet Micah – Part 1

Dr. Claude Mariottini - Professor of Old Testament

Early in my seminary education, I developed an interest in studying the prophet Micah. One of my professors told me that my interest in Micah came because of my background as a pastor working with poor and oppressed people in California.

What brought me close to Micah was that I realized that the central theme of Micah’s message was his commitment to justice and the righteous treatment of the poor. According to Micah, the poor were being oppressed by the leaders of Israel and Judah. Micah believed that the ethical treatment of the poor and the marginalized people was essential to a proper relationship with God and for Israel and Judah to survive as independent nations.

A study of the book of Micah will show that one of the emphases of the book is God’s concern for the injustices perpetrated against the poor. Micah also criticizes the moral corruption of…

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