The Christian Race

Hebrews 12

The 2020 Summer Olympics, (held one year later in Tokyo, Japan due to the Pandemic) were recently completed. This major international multi-sport event is held every four years.

As we consider Hebrews 12, the setting of a great sports stadium can be imagined. Verse 1 talks about the great cloud of witnesses. The ancient Greek word for cloud in this verse was a figure of speech for a large group. These superheroes listed in chapter 11 and down through the ages are witnesses TO US of faith and endurance. Just as a high school gymnasium has mounted pictures of past all-state athletes with a listing of their sports accomplishments to inspire the current sports players, so we can picture our Faith Superheroes encircling us and cheering us on.

Verse 1 continues, instructing us to throw off every hindrance “and the sin which so easily entangles us, and let…

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