“Deconstructing” faith?

Enough Light

In recent times, “deconstructing” our faith has become a common phrase and even a popular, if you will, idea to promote and encourage. It is trendy. This troubles me. My blog Enough Light initially began, over 10 years ago, with a focus on faith and doubt. Even the Bible allows for people to have questions and doubts about their beliefs, so we should make space for it. But this more recent idea of deconstruction, while perhaps under the same umbrella as faith and doubt, is different.

I will clarify, that there are people out there who were raised in such a troubling faith environment, that some type of deconstruction needs to take place. They need to take apart and remove the false and damaging beliefs, and then rebuild their faith on solid biblical and orthodox Christian beliefs. We need to have compassion and patience with such folks. But I am…

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