Rereading Genesis 22:8: The Sacrifice of Isaac and the Preacher

Dr. Claude Mariottini - Professor of Old Testament

Preaching good and effective sermons from the Old Testament requires hard work. In preparing their sermons, ministers must read good commentaries, consult different translations, and use the best scholarship available to them in order to gain a better understanding of the biblical text.

A biblical sermon is the proclamation of God’s truth, thus, before preaching from any text, ministers must go through the most rigorous study of the text in order to understand the historical and cultural backgrounds of the passage they are using, as well as the precise meaning of the words used in the text.

The success of a good sermon depends on the proper interpretation of the text.  In interpreting a text, the minister must look at the historical context of the passage and the language used by the writer. The most pressing issue faced by those who preach from the Old Testament is how to interpret the…

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